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Make Your Old Shoes New Again

  • Posted By : Washonn
  • 21 June, 2019

Washonn are your perfect partners for getting your old shoes repaired and refurbished to ‘just like new!’ Why throw your old shoes away which you have loved wearing once? Just because they are a little worn out or need a repair does not disqualify them from being reused again. A little money spent on refurbishing them by thorough experts such as Washonn will let you use them for a much longer period yet again. We at Washonn are experts at shoe repair and shoe care. Whether they are leather shoes, faux leather shoes or canvas shoes; whether they are men’s shoes or women’s shoes, we ensure that the shoes are brought back to their original feel in shape, size and colour that it is difficult to distinguish from the actual new ones. Washonn is a commercial laundry for all kinds of home linen and personal wear, equipped with the most modern technology and imported European machinery and supported with excellent infrastructure and a highly professional laundry team, located at Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Washonn is nationally reputed with its outstanding services for over fifteen years and thousands of happy customers who delight in our quality service that starts and ends at your doorstep.