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Home Linen

  • Posted By : Washonn
  • 21 June, 2019

As a professional laundry of global standards with the most sophisticated European dry and wet cleaning machinery, Washonn employs highly experienced employees and professional laundry consultants to ensure the best of home linen cleaning services for you. All your soft linen at home such as curtains, table cloths, bed sheets, quilts, sofa or cushion covers, pillow covers, bolster covers etc., need periodic cleaning to ensure that they render the same elegance to your home with their unmasked beauty. At Washonn we take optimum care of all your home linen, treating them with baby like care, putting them through machines that gently handle them using light and non-toxic chemicals and steam process them to ensure they are brought back to their original visual and textural appeal. Washonn is a creation of experts in laundry services for generations. Equipped with the latest technology that yields the highest cleaning results, we are a one stop shop for everything in home laundering services for a wide array of products. The next time you think of putting your linen to wash, just drop in a line or a call and experience service like never before right from and to your doorstep.