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Leather Goods Refurbishing

  • Posted By : Washonn
  • 21 June, 2019

It is almost impossible to find a worthy resource anywhere in Hyderabad to repair, clean or care for your used leather goods, with the result that many times they are just discarded making you lose your valuable money. With Washonn leather refurbishing services you now have a partner who can bring back your leather goods such as shoes, jackets, trousers, bags, or even belts and gloves, to their original condition and amaze you with the final output. We repair, clean, re-colour and polish all leather products with such finesse that they would look as good as new even though they may have been used for several years. Washonn is a professional laundry that offers a repertoire of garment cleaning, linen cleaning, leather cleaning and shoe repair services, equipped with world class European machinery and experts who ensure absolute care of all your laundry requirements. And why throw away leather goods that are very expensive, when we can bring them back to life at less than a quarter of their cost! Washonn is just a call away for the fastest door pickup and delivery of any leather item you may wish to refurbish.