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How Washonn Works
Washonn follows a very systematic approach and every step involves precision, analysis and research. Through a single window, expert laundry service is carried out for garments, footwear, leather articles and home linen.

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Why Choose Washonn
A service at par excellence, inline with global standard; ensures each item is treated with utmost care and proficiency. Technology is at its best as the German machine at the workshop is now replacing dry cleaning to wet cleaning for all types of garments.
Our Services
Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores or request for a pick up online.
We wash, dry and iron your clothes, you just have to ask … and the rest is our task!


Dupioni silk is centuries old and has always remained a favorite as it offers the intricately woven silk yarns of varying thickness

Wedding Suits

We know how priceless is your wedding suit and how possessive your are about it. Henceforth we treat it with respect


The curtains are the first to catch eyeballs and lend a special effect to your aesthetically decorated furnishings and your rooms

Silk & Suede

Every now and again refreshment stains and others like pen ink engravings could damage your precious collection

Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean for You’, in Washonn is your licensed and certified dry cleaner, offering dry cleaning pick up and delivery.

Leather Cleaning

Leather garments are a chic addition to any wardrobe. While they can be pricey, with the right care they can an enhanced new look!
About Washonn

Washonn renders expert care, handling and experience towards every garment. Our award winning facility uses
green energy and environmentally friendly processes, providing brighter, fresher and cleaner garments.


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Need More Help
In the event that you have a workforce needing a standard Laundry and Dry Cleaning administration,
at that point reach us today, and we'd be pleased to talk with you about the advantages and advantages
of utilizing our Laundryapp at your office
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Customer Satisfaction Drives Us
Pricing Plan
We treat pieces of clothing by their authenticity and quality. Whatever the kind of articles of clothing, for instance, fabric, white's,
upholstery, mats, and floor covers we treat them freely. Endeavor our organizations once and we know you will stay with us!
Couple 1 month DC Plan


/ 50 Pieces
  • Detergent Include
  • Dryer Sheets Include
  • Fabric Softener Included
  • Unlimited Use
Family 1 month DC Plan


/ 100 Pieces
  • Detergent Include
  • Dryer Sheets Include
  • Fabric Softener Included
  • Unlimited Use
Cash Back DC Plan


/avail Service of 5000
  • Detergent Include
  • Dryer Sheets Include
  • Fabric Softener Included
  • Unlimited Use
Tap, Clean, Deliver Even faster

Order Laundry and Dry Cleaning on Your Phone

There are lots of apps out there, but not many that will do your laundry for you. That’s where Washonn app comes in. Now this is what we call the age of convenience. With our award-winning app, your laundry and dry cleaning needs are just a tap away. We put a Quality Guarantee on all your items.